The Smart Home by AwoX

The Smart Home by AwoX

A virtual visit of an AwoX Smart Home

Smart Homes which can automatically control lighting, TV and home security alarms have long been reserved technology for the select few. Home Automation, as it is also called, needed an extensive network of cables that were all connected to a central system that could be expensive to install and costly to maintain.

Over the years, AwoX has created easy-to-use, wireless technology that can be easily controlled with a smartphone. Before, a professional would have intervened for installation, but now AwoX offers a range of smart devices and an app that you can easily use to automate your home with a smartphone.

Let’s explore a “Smart Home”, and find out in more detail what can be done in different rooms! We’ll start with a virtual visit of a studio apartment that we have improved with connected lighting.



The kitchen of our smart studio needs bright and natural light for preparing meals, but also soft lighting to avoid “aggresive” bright light during breakfast or dinner, for example. Another consideration is that white light can sometimes be bland or lacking in options in order to make a room feel more warm and welcoming,

Thanks to AwoX SmartLIGHT light bulbs, custom lighting is now possible in any room. For example, you can easily associate several SmartLIGHT MESH GU10 spot lights together, control them with the SmartCONTROL app or the MESH remote control, and then change their brightness and shade of white to have light ranging from a warm yellow to a crisp white according to your needs. You can also choose from a selection of 16 million colors to create your very own mood lighting.



Studios are often lacking in space. You could easily want to listen to some music in the bedroom, but not have enough room to add cumbersome audio systems. Thanks to StriimLIGHT Mini Color, you can listen to your music in the bedroom by using this smart light bulb equipped with a speaker! Just simply screw it into a lamp with an E14 socket, such as a desk lamp on a bed stand, and play some relaxing music with matching lighting. Using a Bluetooth connection simply with your telephone from your bedroom, you can either turn the light on or off, as well as stream music from the internet.


Ideal for waking up gently in the morning, AromaLIGHT can be programmed to diffuse a pleasant and custom-made fragrance based on essential oils, along with relaxing lighting. Yet again, technology is adapting to your rhythm and lifestyle for even more comfort.

Thanks to a SmarLIGHT MESH E14 light bulb, you can use the SmartCONTROL app and program an alarm that simulates a sunrise. You can even choose the duration of the program, the color and the level of brightness.



The center of every home, this room should be: warm, bright, joyful, festive or relaxing. It couldn’t be easier to set the mood with “smart” light bulbs!


For a decade now, lighting has become an integral part of interior decorating. A true added-value to your interiors, StripLED lighting ribbons can be placed anywhere with their adhesive backings to decorate rooms. As such, a simple staircase can be transformed into an element of deocration, or a dressing room turned into a light feature, or ceiling moulds into integrated light features!


What if “smart living room” also meant “festive atmosphere”? Just simply screw in 2 StriimLIGHT WiFi Color light bulbs and connect them to your home WiFi network. You can then easily play your favorite music in stereo all while still lighting up your home: fun guaranteed!


The free AwoX SmartCONTROL App lets users control up to 50 SmartLIGHT MESH light bulbs at the same time with a smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to control MESH lighting with the dedicated MESH remote control, or with the wireless “smart” light switch: SmartPEBBLE!

Practical and a money saver, SmartPLUG can be used to transform your everyday appliances into “smart devices” that can be turned off/on from anywhere at home, programmed on a personnalized schedule or just to measure use of energy to see how to lower the electricity bill. For example, you could program SmartPLUG to cut off the electrical current to your appliances during the night (HiFi, TV, aquarium lighting, etc…).


Click on the different light fixtures to see how you can create your own “Smart Home”! The Smart Studio features the following AwoX products:

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