Easily Make Savings with AwoX SmartLIGHT LED

Switch to LED Lighting, and Reduce Your Electric Bill !

The Best Solution for Residential Lighting

The French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME) published in its practical guide “Reduce your electric bill” : “LED lighting consumes very little electricity and lasts a long time (up to 40,000 hours), which compensate for the high price at purchase. It is the best solution for residential lighting, as long as they last more than 20,000 hours and are classified as A+ energy efficient (which is often the case) or A++ on their energy efficiency label.”  

ADEME explains in its report “Light-Emitting Diode Lighting” that “lighting represents 10% of energy use within a household (excluding heating and hot water)”. That can add up to savings worth noting!

To have a better idea of just how much you can save, try our LED Savings Calculator! Thanks to our calculator below, you can easily compare Awox SmartLIGHT MESH light bulbs with other lighting technology (incandescent, halogen or fluorescent). Certain values have been provided in the calculator, but all the fields can be modified to reflect your local costs and prices.

Let’s take the example of a SmartLIGHT MESH C9 compared to a 60W incandescent light bulb that costs $2. If you add 5 hours per day to the field labelled “Hours of use per day”, you will see that you can save around $13 per year. Imagine the savings you would make by replacing 5 light bulbs! Also, in terms of “Return On Investment”, a SmartLIGHT C9 MESH pays for itself only after 24 months of use, considering that SmartLIGHT MESH light bulbs last at least 10 years.

Try it out yourself! Take your pick of AwoX SmartLIGHTs on our website and compare with other light bulbs on the market!