My AwoX StriimSTICK does not upgrade firmware to newer than May 2013 version.

When the update application version matches the below screenshot, you need to choose “clear cache” in the list to allow new updates to be downloaded.

The StriimSTICK will reboot and automatically install the latest firmware update.

Can I use content from my tablet or my external hard drive on my AwoX StriimSTICK?

The AwoX StriimSTICK has a USB port for hard drive connection.

It is also possible to play content from DLNA devices on the AwoX StriimSTICK.

The remote control of my AwoX StriimSTICK not work. What can I do?

First, charging the remote with the micro USB cable supplied.

Once the charge, connect the receiver sull’AwoX StriimSTICK and turn on the remote control.

If, despite this, the remote still does not work, you may need to make the connection again observing the following stages:

– Separate the receiver from StriimSTICK.

– Hold down the “OK” button and the “Back” until the LED light is going in flash.

– Connect the receiver to StriimSTICK

– Wait for the LED light to stop blinking.

The task is complete; the remote control is ready for use.

How do I download applications on my AwoX StriimSTICK?

To download applications, go to the home page and open Mobile Market.

Then, search for the required application. Google Play Store is not available on the AwoX StriimSTICK.

How do I reset my AwoX StriimSTICK?

To reset the device, go to Parameters/Save and Reset/Restore default settings.

N.B. user data is deleted upon resetting.

How do I update my AwoX StriimSTICK ?

If you are using it for the first time, connect to an access point and let it run for 30 minutes.

It will download the latest version and restart once the download is completed.

During the installation process, the Android logo and a progress bar will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
 Do not switch the device off during the installation phase, this could damage the memory.

If a new update is detected at a later date, a notification will appear on the bottom of the screen.

Click on this notification and follow the instructions on the screen.

N.B. user data is saved during the update.

I am having problems with the speed of my AwoX StriimSTICK

First, make sure that the device use the latest updates available.

If your device still presents problems, before contacting the after-sales service, try to re-initialize.

Why my AwoX Striim STICK remote does not appear on my screen?

Your remote needs an update, follow these few steps to make it work :

– Start your StriimSTICK without inserting the wireless receiver into it

– Once your StriimSTICK is on, start the remote

– Keep the buttons “ok” and “return” pushed in until the remote’s LED goes on and off

– Now you can insert the wireless receiver of the remote into the StriimSTICK

– After a few seconds, the remote should stop blinking and work properly on your screen.