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How many AwoX lightbulbs can be combined in one group ?

The bulbs groups of the standard ranges (SmartLED, SmartLIGHT White, SmartLIGHT color, Aroma LIGHT) can be made up to 8 bulbs.
The groups of the MESH COLOR ranges (SmartLIGHT mesh Color, StripLED) contain up to 50 light bulbs.
However, Striim LIGHT MINI WHITE, Striim LIGHT MINI COLOR, Striim LIGHT WHITE and Striim LIGHT COLOR can not be combined.
The StriimLIGHT Wi-Fi WHITE and Striim LIGHT Wi-Fi COLOR can be grouped up to a maximum of 8.

Why choose a AwoX color instead of a white AwoX bulb ?

Our light bulbs and color lightbulbs are also adjustable in white lighting: you can choose warm white or cold white and dim the intensity. By the way, it is possible to equip your home only with color bulbs to allow more decoration ambience through groupage. You manage the ambience of your interior spaces using luminous themes according to your desires.

Which AwoX product is recommended for each piece ?

Within the living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom, the classic ranges (SmartLED, SmartLIGHT White, SmartLIGHT color) offer a warm atmosphere to your home.
The SmartLIGHT ambiance (cube and sphere) are lighting decorations that illuminate in a friendly way your exterior or the dark corners of your interior space.
Add an Aroma LIGHT in your living room or bathroom to enjoy the benefits of essential oils and relax in the light ambiance of your choice.
In your interior space, the SmartLIGHT StripLED and SmartLIGHT StripLED extension can be added everywhere (library, dressing closet, cornice, under a furniture …). True elements of decoration, it will assure you a pleasant and warm lighting.

What are the different ways of controlling AwoX bulbs ?

SmartLED Range, SmartLIGHT WHITE, SmartLIGHT COLOR, StripLED, SmartLIGHT AMBIANCE, AromaLIGHT, SmartPLUG : control with  AwoX SmartCONTROL Application, AwoX SmartPEBBLE  SmartLIGHT mesh Color Range : control with SmartCONTROL Application, SmartPEBBLE, Smart Remote mesh and  OdaceLighting Schneider Switch

StriimLIGHT Mini White and StriimLIGHT White : control with remote control

StriimLIGHT Mini color and StriimLIGHT Color : control with SmartCONTROL application and remote control

StriimLIGHT Wifi light and StriimLIGHT Wifi color : control with AwoX Cabasse StreamCONTROL application, remote control and  AwoX striimSERVER

CamLIGHT : control with AwoX CAMLIGHT application

How to calculate the number of bulbs and their power required for each room ?

In order to determine precisely the necessary number of LED spots per room there is a unit measuring the illuminance: lux. It is calculated as follows: lux = lm / m2 (lm = lumen, m2 = square meter). The lux makes it possible to determine the luminous flux received for a given unit of surface. Once the required number of lux is determined, you can simply reverse the previous formula to convert the number of lux to lumen (lm = lux x m2). Simply divide the total lumen needed for a room by the amount of lumen emitted by a spot to find the spot numbers per room.
For a home, the number of lux for optimal lighting will depend on the daily use of each room:
– Passage areas, corridors, stairs> 100 lux
– Cloakroom, kitchen, bathroom and shower room> 200 lux
– Library> 300 lux
– Writing, Reading, meeting room, conference room> 500 lux

Is the data collected by AwoX secure?

Your data is primarily stored on servers with state-of-the-art security equipment and advanced security techniques and procedures. Access is strictly restricted and requires a variety of security checks, consisting of security personnel, security locks and biometric readers. Remote access to these servers is severely restricted and controlled.

To learn more about our privacy policy, please follow the link.

How to reset the Bluetooth service of my smartphone ?

  1. Go to Settings : Applications : All, then open “Bluetooth share”, then Storage : Clear data. If necessary, clic on show system process.
  2. Switch OFF then ON the Bluetooth service of the smartphone: tap twice on the icon in the quick settings screen.
  3. Switch OFF then ON electrically your light bulb.