AwoX announces the production of the first connected light bulbs with MESH Technology

AwoX announces the production of the first connected light bulbs with MESH Technology

A European Innovation, and Innovation Award Honoree at CES Unveiled in Paris

AwoX (Euronext – FR0011800218 – AWOX), a pure play IoT tech company specialized in Smart Home solutions, announces the arrival of SmartLIGHT MESH light bulbs, already recognized with a CES 2017 Innovation Award in the Smart Home Category. AwoX is the first European manufacturer to launch light bulbs fitted with MESH technology, making it even easier to create a home eco-system of connected LED lighting.

This new line of lighting opens up several possibilities for all consumers looking to equip their households with connected light bulbs and easily control them from any location within the home.

MESH technology offers several advantages:

  • Wider Bluetooth coverage: MESH technology makes it possible for a light bulb to share its signal with surrounding light bulbs in order to extend Bluetooth coverage to all light bulbs within a household. Thanks to this technological breakthrough, not only is it possible to take ad-vantage of the simplicity of Bluetooth (compatible with all smartphones and tablets currently on the market) without the need of a hub or other accessories to connect to the internet; it is also possible to control all light bulbs from anywhere in the house, whether they are located on the ground floor or the third floor.
  • A secure MESH connection: the connection is secured with a unique password that is shared, automatically and transparently, between members of the same household. This ul-timate security protocol is the result of the “Home Secure Account” (HSA) platform that AwoX has integrated into its SmartCONTROL application, making it impossible for anyone outside of the network to take control of a light bulb that does not belong to them.
  • Improved light bulb group management: one of the main advantages of connected lighting is the possibility to create & manage light bulbs in groups in order to turn a group off & on with a single click. With MESH technology, AwoX now offers the possibility to create groups with up to 50 connected light bulbs, whereas previous Bluetooth technology was limited to only 8 light bulbs.
  • Dramatically improved responsiveness for a group of several light bulbs for seemingly real-time control. Previous technology required the signal to be sent to each individual light bulb within a group; MESH protocol immediately propagates a signal from light bulb to light bulb, without having to return to a smartphone or another mobile device.

Now available, SmartLIGHT MESH comes in 4 models:

  • SmartLIGHT MESH Color – 9 w – E27 at retail suggested price 25€
  • SmartKIT (1 SMLm – 9 w – E27 + connected remote control at suggested retail price 35€)
  • SmartKIT (2 SMLm – 9 w – E27 + connected remote control at suggested retail price 55 €)
  • SmartLIGHT MESH Color – 13 w – C13 at suggested retail price 33€

This new line of energy-efficient, color & white light LED light bulbs is 100% adjustable to your lighting needs. Easily control SmartLIGHT MESH with the device of your choice: a smartphone, SmartPEBBLE – the connected light switch, or simply with the remote control.

Very convenient, the remote control makes it possible to easily change connected lighting (change brightness, color, temperature, manage favorite settings, lighting effects and automatic pairing).