3 Basic Types of Lighting

3 Basic Types of Lighting

A few useful tips for a brighter Smart Home!

Often neglected, choosing light bulbs can impact the level of comfort and the functional aspect of your interiors. Yet, it is very easy to choose adequate lighting by following a few basic guidelines. Here are some useful tips that will help you choose the best light bulb.

General Lighting

General lighting’s main purpose is to light up an entire space: it’s the light we turn on when we walk into a room. This light should make your daily routine easier. Its role is to provide enough light necessary to see, perceive objects and move through a given space. Its secondary role is to set the tone of a room. Ideally, this should be efficiently bright enough to light up the room, yet soft enough to not blind you when turning on the lights.

Favor temperatures of light that are neutral or warm in order to match natural light. Better yet, try to mix natural light with your lighting. Check out your rooms at different times of day in order to identify areas that might just need a few extra lumens. ✨

Task Lighting

Task lighting sheds light downwards that falls directly on the object that it is illuminating. This is the case for low hanging pendant lighting above the dining room table, or a desk lamp in an architect’s work space. It is very efficient because the light cast is strong without loss of signal, however it also creates shadows. 💡👥

For example, this includes: desk lamps, hanging lamps, pendant lighting, chandeliers or spot lights. Consider the activities that will take place in each room, and the lighting needed in order to complete them in the best conditions possible. Use task lighting for 🍽 cooking, 🔨 DIY projects or 📖 reading.

Accent Lighting

Let your creativity shine! Accent lighting sets the mood to match how you’re feeling, whether that be festive, cozy or neutral. Smart light bulbs make it possible to change intensity (brightness) and color for on-demand mood lighting no matter what the occasion: dinners with friends, a cozy night at home, study night… Add strips of lighting with StripLED for a festive touch, or use SmartLIGHT Ambiance for additional color lighting. LED light bulbs consume little energy, so you can easily decorate your home without having to worry about using too much electricity!

Smart lighting is light “on demand“! It is possible to create different shades and moods – like a warm or cold shade of white, a large choice of colors and adjustable brightness – with one light bulb that you can control to meet your needs.

Looking for general lighting for your kitchen? Try a SmartLIGHT MESH C9. For cooking or DIY, use task lighting by adjusting more or less strong white lighting with SmartLIGHT GU10. Are you looking to create a relaxing atmosphere in the living room for watching movies? Use a SmartLIGHT MESH C13 Globe light bulb adjusted to pastel colors set at a low intensity. For comfortable lighting in a bedroom, SmartLIGHT MESH E14 is perfect for bedside lamps.

With all of these different formats and custom settings available, you are sure to find the right light bulb that best fits your interior decoration and indoor activities!

Light is fun!

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