StriimLIGHT WiFi

Wi-Fi® Music Light by AwoX

AwoX StriimLIGHT | Sl-w10


Play music from your mobile device and light up your house.


AwoX StriimLIGHT Wi-Fi is a Wi-Fi speaker contained in a LED light bulb. Your music player pumps out your favorite sounds anywhere you can plug in a lamp. Use several for sound all around!




• Ecosystem combining your stereo with its lights for better sound in sync
• Music from your smartphone/tablet, NAS and computers …
• Supported audio formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, PCM, FLAC
• Web radio through your home broadband Internet connection
• Synchronized sound zones with several StriimLIGHT Wi-Fi speakers or others Awox Striim products
• Remote control for light on/off/dimming, sound volume/mute
• Bulb: LED, 110-240v, fits standard E26 or E27 light socket
• Speaker: 10 Watt, 200Hz-20KHz
• Download free AwoX StriimCONTROL app from Google Play Store or App Store, also available for PC and Mac.
• Your favorites media accessible via preset buttons on RCU
• Works even when your phone is switched off
• Range extender function to repeat Wi-Fi signal for better range and wireless use around the house

Where to buy?

Music all around the house. Literally.

AwoX Striim audio products can be used together to create a synchronized sound system – an AwoX EcoSoundSystem – throughout your home. The free AwoX StriimCONTROL app for smartphones and tablets enables you to play music to all your AwoX StriimLIGHT Wi-Fi, StriimLINK, and StriimSOUND products, but also to create zones that include several of these different products together.

Like having speakers in every room, playing right and left channels of all your music, but without having to run speaker cable everywhere. Put a pair of StriimLIGHT Wi-Fi light bulbs in the kitchen, a StriimSOUND out on the deck, and a StriimLINK on your home stereo!



- DLNA 1.5: DMR Certified, DMS
- Internet Radio: Optional – vTuner
- Music-on-Demand: Optional – Deezer

- MP3 (up to 48kHz, CBR & VBR)
- AAC (up to 48kHz, 8-320 kbps)
- WMA (up to 48 kHz, CBR & VBR)
- LPCM (up to 48 kHz, up to 1.42 Mb/s)
- WAV (up to 48 kHz, up to 1.42 Mb/s)

- Via mobile phone Wi-Fi
- Via remote control

Remote Control

- Format: credit card sized

- Light control: On/Off button

- Volume control: up, down, mute


- Chip LED: 35~36pcs (Maximum 6.7W)
- Color temp: Warm white 3000k
- Light power:
475 LM vertical
8W LED vertical
40W incandescent
- LED beam angle: 120 degrees
- Power On LED
- Lighting On/Off via remote control

- EU Version: E27 socket
- US Version: E26 socket

- Amp Class D
- 10W mono, 10% THD

- Size: 2 inch, 8ohm
- Range: 200Hz – 20000Hz

- EU Version : Bulb LED 110-240V
- US Version: Bulb LED 100-240V
- Power consumption: 21W maximum

- Millimeters: 111.5 (H) x 95 (W) x 95 (L)
- Inches: 4.39(H) x 3.74 (W) x 3.74 (L)

- 680 g (approx.) | 14.11 oz (approx.)




Free smartphone app to play music on your AwoX Striim audio products. Works only with StriimLIGHT Wi-Fi, StriimLINK, and StriimSOUND.

logo-android StriimCONTROL | Android
Ios_logo StriimCONTROL | iPhone
windows-logo StriimCONTROL | Windows
mac-logo StriimCONTROL | Mac



The perfect solution to serve audio to your network enabled AwoX Striim audio products. Free MS Windows application.

windows-logo StriimSERVER | Windows
mac-logo StriimSERVER | Mac